Made to lessen noise, the Volvo 262 muffler is made up of a series of pipes that bounce off and muffle soundwaves. Driving a car without using a muffler is similar to driving a tractor; you'll also get too much attention because of the annoying sound your vehicle is making. Because a vehicle with a busted muffler adds to noise pollution, regulations have been passed regarding the use of this component.

So as to prevent getting in trouble with the cops and other drivers, always make sure that your auto's muffler is in excellent condition. Indications that you need to purchase a replacement muffler are if your auto is too noisy, or if there's a huge dent on the exhaust's muffler. Subtle symptoms include a excessive amount of smoke pumped out from the tube, and a vehicle engine that regularly overheats. For a sure method of figuring out what the problem is, closely examine this part, or have the automobile looked at by a repair guy.

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