Car enthusiasts are witnessing the improved power and distinct performance of Volvo vehicles these days. With advancements in technology, Volvo cars are becoming more and more durable, safer and efficient piece of machine. If you are one of the lucky persons to own a Volvo you are probably aware of the power and strength that it exhibits every time you are on the road. But the key to keeping this type of vehicle is regular upkeep and repair. However, upkeep does not only refer to the major components but the simple parts as well.

One of the important parts of your Volvo is the exhaust system. It is the part that takes care of the gas emitted by the engine. Deep in the exhaust system is a mechanism that helps reduce the noise that the engine produces. This mechanism is referred to as the muffler. The muffler is like a finely tuned musical instrument that reflects sounds waves inside to create a delicately arranged sound — one that is pleasing to the ears.

The different parts located inside the muffler reflects the sounds waves in such a manner that these waves cancel each other out. After they bounce off the walls of the muffler they go out the tailpipe silently and smoothly. Some of the luxury cars available these days are equipped with resonators to accompany the muffler. Because engine sounds are actually of different frequencies, the resonator cancels out the sound waves that have escaped the muffler. This way sounds are softened better and efficiently.

However, because mufflers are often made of metal they are also prone to wear and tear. The metal pipes may be scraped and eventually break. When this happens sound waves may pass through the holes creating loud engine sound. The damaged path can also cause fumes to leak and damage the engine. For this reason, it is important that you regularly check your exhaust system particularly the muffler. And if things don't look good with your muffler, have it replaced as soon as possible. Although you can do the replacement yourself, you can still have your local mechanic do it to make sure that it is installed properly.

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