Such a loud roar whenever you start the motor or when your car is accelerating suggests that you're driving with a faulty Volkswagen Golf muffler, possibly due to rust or exposure to the harsh substances. You will likely notice holes or corroded parts somewhere in the muffler of your Volkswagen Golf that's damaged. Ensure that all exhaust system parts are in excellent form to enjoy a steady flow of exhaust and to keep toxic gases out of the cabin.

The muffler of your Volkswagen Golf not just cancels out noise from your ride, but in addition keeps emissions less harmful, as this component helps cleanse the gases that run through it just before being launched out of the tail pipe. The downside to using a damaged Volkswagen Golf muffler includes diminished fuel economy; hence, if you opt to save on gas money, especially with increasing fuel/gas prices, you'd better fix this. To take advantage of greater performance from your car, you must swap the old muffler of your Volkswagen Golf with a direct-fit replacement to fix busted links in the exhaust system.

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