Necessity is the root cause of invention. Many modern innovations in automotive technology today are a result of people's ever increasing demand for a safer, more convenient and more powerful vehicles. From anti-lock brakes (ABS) to traction control to front and side air bags and safely engineered seat belts, the marvels of modern vehicles is never ending. Even your Volkswagen is now equipped with state of the art automotive technology that has never failed to get everyone's attention.

Even your Volkswagen muffler has now become much quieter and better in softening engine sound. But remember that maintaining a fully functioning muffler necessitates regular upkeep and inspection. When muffler gets holes and cracks in it, you can always expect to get that irritating noise every time you are on the road or worse you may find yourself spending thousands of dollars for a ticket.

In essence, a muffler is designed to reflect sound waves in such a manner that these waves basically cancel each other out. The sound waves are reflected on the back wall of the muffler and they pass through a series of chambers where they cancel themselves out. This allows the sound waves to leave the muffler quietly and pollution free. Some high performance and luxury cars have resonators in the engine aside from the mufflers. These resonators cancel out the sound waves that have escaped the muffler resulting to much better engine sound.

However, dust, dirt and other road contaminants can damage the muffler. Simply patching the holes will not make sure that your muffler will function the same way as a new one. In addition, repairing is oftentimes much costly that replacement. For this reason, as soon as your muffler shows signs of wear, immediately arrange for a replacement. Do not put off replacement as a damaged muffler can considerably affect the performance of your exhaust system. A broken muffler will deplete the power of your Volkswagen and damage the engine. So, get your replacement as early as you can.

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