The Toyota Van muffler is an important subcomponent of your car's exhaust unit; its basic purpose is to minimize the noise produced every time noxious gases are pushed out of the exhaust tubes. Driving a vehicle with no muffler is like driving around a tractor; you'll most likely attract extra attention because of the racket your car is making. In several states, it's possible to be issued a ticket when caught driving your car without a working automotive muffler.

To avoid trouble with the police and other drivers, be sure that your auto's muffler is in top working condition. Indications that you have to get a new muffler are if you start to notice your car is excessively noisy, or if there's a huge crack or dent on the muffler. If overheating becomes a frequent problem, it's better to take a look at your car's muffler. Remember that a worn out muffler must be replaced ASAP.

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