Made to lessen noise, the Suzuki Esteem muffler is composed of several perforated tubes that bounce off and dampen noise. Driving a car with no muffler is like driving a tractor; you'll most likely enjoy extra attention because of the annoying sound your ride is creating. In some states, it's actually possible to get a ticket when caught driving without a working automotive muffler.

Keeping your ride's muffler up and working needs regular check-ups. Indications that you need to buy a replacement muffler are when your ride is excessively noisy, or if there's a large dent on the muffler. If overheating becomes a frequent dilemma, it's better to closely look at the car muffler. For a surefire method of finding out what the issue is, examine this component, or have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic.

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