A Subaru without a muffler or with a defective muffler can be easily noted. Not only does it emit darker exhaust gas, it also produces destructive blasting noise coming from the car’s power train. Without the muffler, the sound waves that go along with the exhaust gas can surely distract your concentration in driving. Eventually, it may lead to collisions with other drivers on the road. For this reason, mufflers are made standard on all Subaru car makes and models. A Subaru muffler, just like any other mufflers used for other cars, is made up of pipes, tubes and chambers for the sound waves to cancel out each other. Primarily, the exhaust gas that must be emitted out of the car must go through the muffler. Together with the exhaust gas are sound waves brought about by the pressure produced by the engine in pushing out the gas. As the gas and sound waves enter the muffler, the waves bounce on the walls of the tubes and pipes which produce another set of reflected sound waves. The tendency then is for the original and reflected waves to cancel out each other. Thus, the frequency or the loudness of the sound is toned down. The pipes also have holes which serve as passage way for the waves which may be in excess to the amount that the body of the muffler can take. The waves are then taken to the chambers and are toned down as well. The muffler itself is comprised of different components which have its own distinct task in toning down the bothersome noise coming from the engine. Of course, there are the pipes, tubes and chambers. There is also the resonator, a kind of chamber which serves as the room for the cancellation process of sound waves. Some luxury cars are equipped with another type of resonator to achieve smooth and quiet rides. However, one of the negative effects of sound wave cancellation is backpressure, which can use up the power generated by the engine. There are some mufflers that can minimize backpressure like the glass pack or cherry bomb mufflers but it is not as efficient as the other types of conventional mufflers in toning down the sound coming from the engine. No matter which type of muffler you use, may it be the conventional or the newer ones, Partstrain is surely here to provide all your car needs and wants. Our store has one of the most complete catalog not only for Subaru mufflers but other Subaru auto parts and car accessories as well. We’ll surely be glad to be of utmost service to you. Just come and visit our site, anytime of the day or wherever you may be.