Cars are becoming more convenient and stylish these days. Every year hundreds of car models make its debut. Saab, as one of the trusted car models in the market, has continuously developed vehicles that not only meet with people's varied sense of style but also with their performance need. Without a doubt, Saab vehicles were able to seize the plus factor that people look for in cars. But as a Saab owner you have to make certain that when you take your car for a ride you check that every part of it, from the engine down to the smallest part such as the wheel bearings are working perfectly.

Your Saab vehicle just like any other vehicle must contain top-notch exhaust system. One important part of the exhaust system is the muffler. The muffler is your car component that decreases the noise that your car makes. Put simply, mufflers drive away any exhaust gas out of your vehicle and away from your car. The muffler also has its own parts designed to produce waves that bounce and cancel each other out. The sound waves and exhaust gas goes through the center of the muffler. They bounce around the muffler and pass through a series of holes in the main part of the muffler. After passing through these holes they go out the tail pipe and depart the muffler.

It is essential that you keep your Saab muffler in good condition as they often rust out easily. The carbon dioxide that your engine emits is dangerous. Because oftentimes they do not have any smell, they can be potentially hazardous to you and your passengers. Damage in mufflers can start from the inside or from the outside due to road salts. If you have been using your Saab for quite a while, you may just be ready to replace your worn out muffler today.

In most cases, if you hear increased engine noise, if you notice a clashing noise when you are stepping on the gas pedal, if you sense exhaust while driving, or if there is smoke coming out of your muffler, it is time to have a look at your exhaust system. Pay particular attention to the muffler. It may have rusted out faster than you thought. Immediate replacement of your rusted out muffler is vital. So, arrange for replacement as soon as you can. But a rusted out muffler is not the only reason to replace your muffler. If you want better performance and gas mileage, switching to a high performance muffler is also a good idea. With a high performance muffler your engine will perform more effectively and fuel use is will be reduced.

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