Made to lessen exhaust noise, the Pontiac Grand Prix muffler is made up of numerous tubes that bounce off and dampen soundwaves. Driving a vehicle with no muffler is just like driving around a tractor; you'll most likely get too much attention because of the noise your vehicle is producing. Since a vehicle with a busted muffler adds to noise pollution, regulations have been passed regarding the use of this component.

Keeping your auto's muffler properly functioning requires regular maintenance. Obvious signs that you really need to buy a new muffler are if your ride is excessively noisy, or if there's a huge dent on your muffler. Tricky indicators actually include a unusual amount of smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, and a car engine that regularly overheats. For a surefire means of determining what the issue is, visually examine the muffler, or have that automobile inspected by a technician.

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