The Pontiac Firebird muffler is an important component of your car's exhaust assembly; its main purpose is to lessen the noise you hear when toxic gases are forced out of the pipes. Your auto will still run without a muffler, but due to the headache-inducing sound it produces, you might as well just switch off your car's engine. In several states, it's actually possible to be issued a ticket if you are caught driving around without a working auto muffler.

In order to avoid trouble with the law and other drivers, make sure that your auto's muffler is in excellent working condition. Obvious signs that you need to get a new muffler are if your auto is too loud, or if there's a large dent on the exhaust's muffler. If overheating becomes a regular problem, it's better to look at the car muffler. For a sure method of finding out what the trouble is, visually examine this part, or have that automobile looked at by a mechanic.

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