It’s nice to have a head turning car that will elicit a second, fourth or even several glances but what good would that look be if all you see are annoyed and disgusted looks on their face not because they envy your Pontiac’s stand out look but because of the bothersome noise coming from your car’s engine. In this case, you probably need to check your exhaust system and see if there is something wrong with your Pontiac muffler. A muffler, as the word itself suggests, muffles the sound that may come out of your engine. In this way, the roaring sound is minimized so you can drive without bothering other drivers or passers-by. So where exactly does the sound came from? And how can a muffler minimize the noise level? How does it work? Cars are actually one of the producers of harmful exhausts and it’s a sad fact we must face. But of course, there are also other components that you can add to your car to minimize such harmful effect such as an oxygen sensor or a catalytic converter. As the exhaust is pushed out of the car’s system, it produces a corresponding sound brought about by the pressure. So the greater the amount of exhaust to be pushed out, the greater the pressure produced and that in turn would mean louder sound. With mufflers mounted in your car however, the power that goes along with the sound waves is minimized so the sound that goes out of the car’s tail pipe together with the exhaust is greatly reduced. And how does the muffler do such thing? A trip inside the muffler would reveal a series of tubes and chambers especially designed for the sound waves to produce the same waves that will merge together and will in turn cancel out each other. It will then result to the decrease of sound waves. The identical sound wave is produced as the original waves go through the series of chambers and tubes. Other cars are equipped with added resonator to produce a totally quiet operation. These added components are widely used by top luxurious auto makes and models. A car with highly functional muffler can surely make a big difference as compared to a car without or with a damaged muffler. Aside from reducing the bothersome noise coming from your engine, a muffler can also pave way to much better functionality and efficiency of your car. There are several types of auto mufflers around that you can use as replacement for your Pontiac muffler. In case you need one, Partstrain is here to be of service.