Together with the exhaust that must be pushed out of the car’s systems are bothersome noise that can surely cause discomfort not only to you and your passengers but also to other drivers and passer-bys walking along the streets and highways. Good thing, your Plymouth is equipped with a muffler to reduce the noise produced by the engine. Basically, mufflers are part of the exhaust system together with the catalytic converter, tail pipe, exhaust pipe, headers and exhaust manifold. Its mounting position may vary although it may depend on the car make or model. However, it is typically mounted on the underside rear section of the car. It is equipped with a back box to absorb the pressure from the sound waves which must pass through cylinders and chambers to decrease its power. Absorption of the sound waves is done through the reverberating compartment, especially designed to cancel out the sound waves. In the end, the exhaust can come out of the tailpipe with minimized sound. Some car makes use resonators instead of mufflers. It is also meant to reduce and minimize noise but its features differ from a muffler. There are different types of mufflers that you can use for your car’s exhaust system. You can choose from the wide array of types, sizes and features offered in the market. Just make sure that the new replacement you purchase, especially for your Plymouth, has the features and specs required by the engine system and exhaust system of your auto. Aside from the local auto parts shop near you, you can also go directly here at Partstrain to purchase new Plymouth muffler. Just check out our online catalog for the type of muffler that will specifically match your car. We make sure that the products you order are delivered in time, free from any defects and damages. Plus, our store offers big discounts and promos that would surely help you to stuff more savings in your pockets. You’ll get the best deals when you purchase from us. Just visit our site or call out customer hotline for further info and queries.