Built to reduce exhaust sounds, the Nissan Armada muffler is actually composed of numerous perforated tubes that bounce off and cancel out noise. Your auto will still run even without a muffler, but due to the unbearable racket it actually produces, you might as well just switch off the engine. Now since a car with a malfunctioning muffler further contributes to noise pollution, laws have been passed regarding the proper use of this component.

Keeping your car's muffler properly working basically requires regular check-ups. Indications that you have to purchase a brand-new muffler are when your car is too noisy, or if there's a big crack on the exhaust's muffler. If overheating becomes a frequent dilemma, it's best to closely look at the muffler. For a definite means of figuring out what the issue is, closely examine this part, or have the car looked at by an auto repair guy.

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