Such a unmistakable roar if you fire up the engine or when your motor vehicle is running indicates that you've got a busted Nissan 350z muffler, probably brought about by corrosion and contamination because of the harmful substances. Be sure to check the muffler of your Nissan 350z see if there are burnt areas, pipe holes, or whatever sign of failure. Make sure that all exhaust system parts are in good condition to enjoy a steady exhaust flow and to steer emissions far from the interior.

Other than reducing exhaust tone off the automobile, the muffler of your Nissan 350z refines the gases, so emissions will be less harmful. The downside to having a broken Nissan 350z muffler is poor fuel mileage, so if you need to spend less on money on fuel, particularly with rising fuel rates, you'll have to fix it. To enjoy greater power from your auto, you must replace the old muffler of your Nissan 350z with a new one to fix ruined attachments in the exhaust.

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