The job of a muffler is simple. It is designed to soften engine noise. It reflects the sound waves created by the engine in such a manner that the waves cancel each other out. When the sound enters the muffler, they jump back the wall and are carried back through an opening into the main body of the muffler. Having a quality muffler for your Mini is essential. It does not only enhance the sound of your engine but also improve its performance. There are basically three kinds of muffler. These are the absorption, cancellation and diffusion mufflers. All these types of mufflers impede diverse kinds of sound frequency. In some cars, they have resonators that further reduce engine sound. But when the resonator is not designed for a certain frequency, the engine will still create some harsh noises. The other parts of the muffler also help in reducing the noise level of your engine. For instance, the pipes going in and out of the muffler have holes in them that permit small pressure pulses to bounce around in the chamber and cancel each other out. The body of the muffler also takes up some of the pressure pulses. The type of muffler that you will use in your car depends on your engine, how you make use of your car and on the existing space. If you want optimum performance of your engine you might want to upgrade your muffler into a high-performance muffler. High performance muffler basically last longer and are more fuel efficient than your regular muffler. Switching to a hi-po muffler is also simple and can offer you the styling statement that you want. Mufflers, however, are often neglected. If they are not cleaned regularly they can rust out and eventually drop off of your car. Holes in your muffler can also cause pollution and rough rides. For this reason, you need to inspect the muffler regularly to make sure that it is still firmly fastened in your car. If you notice signs of rusting, you need to replace it as soon as possible. If you are not sure how to replace your muffler, stop by your mechanic and let them check your muffler. Better yet, have them replace the muffler for you. Since they are more experienced in muffler issues than you are, they can effectively replace your muffler without harming the other parts of your exhaust system. You can shop for quality Mini muffler from Parts Train. We carry thousands of Mini auto parts that you can choose from. See how a high performance muffler from us can increase your gas mileage and offer you better performance. Hurry, check us out today.