You may figure out immediately that you've got a ruined Mercedes Benz 380sl muffler—you will notice a loud noise off your motor vehicle. You may find holes or corroded spots somewhere in the muffler of your Mercedes Benz 380sl that's ruined. Make sure that all exhaust system parts are in good shape for a a more efficient gas flow and to continue to keep combustion gases off the interior.

Besides reducing exhaust note off the vehicle, the muffler of your Mercedes Benz 380sl cleans up the gases so that emissions will be less harmful. The downside to driving with a damaged Mercedes Benz 380sl muffler includes poor fuel efficiency; hence, if you need to spend less on money on fuel, particularly with soaring gas prices, you'll have to take care of it. To enjoy greater efficiency from your automobile, you will have to swap the old muffler of your Mercedes Benz 380sl with a new one to repair busted links in the exhaust system.

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