Admit it, sooner or later you will have to replace your Mercedes Benz parts. There are thousands of places where you can purchase it but you have to make sure that you are getting the parts that are suited for your car make. Mufflers are among the Mercedes Benz part that plays a big role in the engine system. It serves as an exhaust noise redactor. Aside from cutting down noise, your car's exhaust system is also responsible for reducing damaging emissions. Hence, a properly functioning exhaust system and muffler sounds better and performs better. Although you may not appreciate at a glance how much the muffler does to your car, it is still an important and sophisticated part of your exhaust system. Basically, a muffler contains baffled passages where the exhaust gases move through. This then allows the muffler to soften engine sound. If you open your muffler you will find in it tubes that have holes in them. When the sound waves hit one another, the tubes work together to significantly reduce the noise. Simply put, the muffler is like a delicately tuned device. Mufflers are one of the car parts that are often replaced. This is because they rust out rapidly than any other part. Rust can start from the exhaust gases and condensation or due to external factors such as salts used on roads. It is essential that when there are holes in your muffler, you immediately replace it. Remember that holes in a muffler can cause a louder ride. Additionally, damaged mufflers can lead to increased pollution and even a rough idle. Aside from holes and rust on your muffler, there are other reasons for you to replace it. For one, a good set of muffler can enhance your car's performance and gas mileage. Also, it can improve the way your engine sounds. Plus, it can make a styling statement for you. There are mufflers that come with exhaust tips in various shapes and finishes to reflect your driving style. Some vehicles also have mufflers that are tucked up out of sight. But there are other cars that show the muffler outside. With this, you can opt for an attention-getting polished finish or a satin finish for a less noticeable look. Whatever your choice of Mercedes Benz muffler is, remember to opt for one that meets your Mercedes Benz need. So, let your engine's true voice ring through a high-flow muffler. Get your high performing Mercedes Benz muffler from Parts Train. Our Mercedes Benz mufflers boost power and intensify your throaty growl.