The Mazda Protege muffler is a vital component of your vehicle's exhaust system; its basic purpose is to minimize the noise produced each time gases are forced out of the exhaust tubes. Your auto will still work with a busted muffler, but with all the unbearable racket it produces, it's better to just switch off your car's engine. Since a car with a busted muffler contributes to noise pollution, rules have been passed regarding the proper use of this accessory.

Keeping your car's muffler up and working needs regular maintenance. Be always on the lookout for cracks and other forms of surface damage. Not-so-obvious signs actually include a excessive amount of smoke from the exhaust pipe, and an auto engine that overheats frequently. For a definite way of determining what the trouble is, visually examine the muffler, or have your automobile checked by a mechanic.

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