Built to lessen exhaust noise, the Mazda 5 muffler is actually composed of numerous tubes that bounce off and dampen sound waves. Your automobile will still work with a busted muffler, but due to the ear-splitting racket it actually produces, it's better to just turn off the car engine. In some states, it's actually possible to receive a “noise” ticket if you are caught driving around without a functional auto muffler.

In order to avoid getting in trouble with the law and other drivers, always make sure that your car's muffler is in top working condition. Be always on the lookout for cracks and other kinds of damage. Tricky symptoms are a billow-like smoke from the exhaust pipe, and an auto engine that regularly overheats. For a surefire means of figuring out what the trouble is, examine this part, or have that automobile checked by a mechanic.

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