Such a unmistakable noise if you fire up the engine or while your vehicle is accelerating usually means that you have a busted Mazda 323 muffler, probably caused by corrosion and exposure to the unwanted particles. Take time to inspect the muffler of your Mazda 323 for burnt portions, chips, or whatever sign of damage. Make certain that all exhaust components are in tip-top form to guarantee a a more efficient flow of exhaust and to keep toxic gases far from the cab.

Other than reducing exhaust note from the vehicle, the muffler of your Mazda 323 refines the gases, so combustion by-products would be less harmful. The downside to using a broken Mazda 323 muffler includes decreased fuel mileage; hence, in case you need to spend less on cash on gas, considering the rising fuel costs, you will need to repair this. So you will enjoy enhanced power from your motor vehicle and guarantee fuel efficiency and safer emissions, don't defer repairing the muffler of your Mazda 323.

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