Improved gas mileage can only be achieved if your Lincoln Blackwood is equipped with an efficient engine. The efficiency of the engine also largely depends on its sub systems. One particular system is the exhaust which is an assembly that is composed of a header, exhaust manifold, exhaust pipes, one or more catalytic converters and a muffler. All these exhaust system components portray significant functions to deliver better engine performance and less harmful exhaust system. Meanwhile, the process of emission ends in the Lincoln Blackwood muffler. It is responsible for discharging the fumes of your vehicle.

This crucial vehicle component is basically installed along the exhaust pipe and works harmoniously with the exhaust system. Muffler can contain numerous bafflers which are designed to absorb sound, although majority of the noise reduction is not through absorption but through the destructive interference in the muffler itself. The muffler is able to carry out its big role in your vehicle with the help of the resonating chamber which is designed such that the opposite sound waves will collide with one another. The resonator is composed of a specific amount of air and has a specific length that is usually calculated in order to produce a wave that eliminates a certain frequency of sound.

You also have to keep in mind that among the important components of your Lincoln Blackwood exhaust system, the catalytic converter will also have a muffling effect and perform a similar function as that of the Lincoln Blackwood muffler. Most vehicles and trucks are only required of a single muffler. But modern vehicles are equipped with multiple mufflers in order to ensure better and efficient performance. Now, there are times that problems involving on the design of the muffler would be a big issue because of the amount of backpressure it produces.

Too much backpressure is not healthy as it takes away some of the engine's power and thereby affects the overall performance of your vehicle. Because of this, it is important that you choose the correct type of muffler to your Lincoln Blackwood vehicle. And because the muffler is located at the undercarriage of your vehicle, chances are you cannot regularly monitor this component. But because of its importance, you need to have it checked on a regular basis.

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