Cars often create noises that are irritating and uncomfortable to the passengers. One cause of this noise is the rapid extension of air during ignition and to the turbulence of its high speed exit from the engine. To minimize this noise, one or more mufflers need to be installed in your car. So, to reduce the noise of the exhaust engine of your Lincoln you need to install a good quality Lincoln Muffler. Basically, a muffler works by creating a large chamber in which the sound of combustion and turbulence are reduced so they go out the tail pipe quietly. Hence, the quality of the dampening depends on the volume of the chamber and on the downstream resistance the gasses encounter. The muffler is usually made of metal and is located underneath the body of the car. It is connected between the catalytic converter and the tail pipe. Essentially, there are two types of muffler design. The first type uses several baffled chambers to reduce noise. The second type sends the gases straight through perforated pipe wrapped in metal or fiberglass. The typical muffler consists of a tube of some specific length in diameter. It is typically a rather large stainless steel tube and may or may not have built-in internal baffles. Mufflers are most effective when they are placed as closed to the exhaust outlet of the cylinder as it is practical to place them. Some exhaust system has resonators since a muffler cannot trim down the noise of the engine by itself. Resonators are like little mufflers, and are usually the "straight through" type. They are added at the end of the exhaust system to take care of any noise that has made it through the muffler. The muffler eases the noise of the exhaust by "dampening" the sound waves created by the opening and closing of the exhaust valves. When an exhaust valve opens, it releases the burned gases at high pressures into the exhaust pipe, which is at low pressure. Mufflers are easy to maintain although its useful life is yet unknown. Nevertheless, time will come that you would have to replace your muffler. When this happens, you can visit us at Parts Train and browse through our catalog. We carry quality Lincoln Muffler that can keep your engine as quite as possible. Shop with us now and get those Lincoln mufflers that meet your car needs.