Made to lessen exhaust sounds, the Lexus Sc300 muffler is made up of numerous perforated tubes that bounce off and dampen noise. Driving a vehicle without using a muffler is similar to driving around a tractor; you'll also attract too much attention because of the noise your car is creating. In some US states, it's quite possible to be handed a ticket if you are caught driving your car without a working auto muffler.

Keeping your ride's muffler up and working requires regular maintenance. Obvious signs that you need to get a brand-new muffler are if you notice your car is excessively noisy, or if there's a huge crack or dent on the muffler. Tricky signs actually include a billowing smoke coming from the tube, and a car engine that frequently overheats. For a surefire means of finding out what the issue is, examine this part, or have that automobile checked by a technician.

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