That unmistakable roar if you fire up the engine or when your vehicle is speeding up tells you that you're dealing with a faulty Lexus Is350 muffler, possibly caused by rust and contamination because of the harmful properties. You will likely discover cracks or corroded parts somewhere in the muffler of your Lexus Is350 that's busted. Make certain that all exhaust components are in tip-top shape to guarantee a smoother exhaust flow and to steer toxic gases far from the cabin.

Aside from reducing exhaust tone off the vehicle, the muffler of your Lexus Is350 purges the gases to make sure exhaust gases will be less harmful. A worn Lexus Is350 muffler will lead to poor gas or fuel economy. So you can get enhanced output from your auto, you will have to swap the worn muffler of your Lexus Is350 with a new one to repair ruined attachments in the car exhaust.

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