You will find out immediately that you've got a defective Lexus Gs300 muffler—you will hear a blaring sound coming from your car. You might discover dents or oxidation around the muffler of your Lexus Gs300 , which is busted. To steer noxious exhaust gases away from the cabin and ensure that your vehicle will benefit from more efficient flow of exhaust, exhaust system components have to be in great form.

Aside from regulating exhaust note from the car, the muffler of your Lexus Gs300 purges the gases, so emissions could be tolerable. A busted Lexus Gs300 muffler could lead to poor gas or fuel economy. So you can take advantage of greater output from your auto, you will have to change the old muffler of your Lexus Gs300 with a new one to fix busted attachments in the exhaust system.

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