People look at things in different perspectives. Some people judge a thing merely by its appearance while others form their opinion by the sound produced by that particular object. People use these two ways of thinking when it comes to purchasing a car. By just looking at the car's appearance some car customers will immediately decide if they want the car or not. Others wait a while and during the test drive, they listen carefully to the acoustics of the car whether it's a gruff or purring sound that comes from the engine.

In order to meet the customer's needs the desired car acoustics, manufacturers include quality mufflers in their design. This is especially important in luxury vehicles in which owners only want to feel relaxed and at peace when they are in the car. As one of the developers of luxury vehicles, the Japanese car maker Toyota with its Lexus marque provides their cars with quality mufflers.

The muffler is a part of the Lexus exhaust system that is particularly responsible for reducing the amount of noise emitted by the car's internal combustion engine. There are two ways on how the muffler achieves this purpose which are by means of reflection and through absorption. If you look at the muffler it will seem like an uncomplicated piece of metal, but inside it s a neat mechanism of tubes and holes that help cancel out sounds.

The absorber muffler and the reflector muffler have the same purpose or goal but their ways of achieving that goal differs. The absorber muffler contains some holes in them as well as absorbing materials that are usually made of fiberglass or steel wood. The sound that goes inside the muffler goes through the holes and ends up in the absorbing material. This kind of muffler involves a relatively simple design however it does not lessen the sound to a high percent.

The reflector muffler operates with the principle of destructive interference. It contains a resonating chamber that when two opposing sound waves collide inside it, they cancel each other out so there is less noise coming out. Compared to the absorbing muffler, this is more efficient in reducing sound. The only drawback is that it induces the engine to work doubly hard just to push the exhaust gas all the way out.

You don't want to be driving around in your Lexus with so much engine noise banging in your ears. If this is the case, just have it replaced by acquiring the first rate Lexus muffler from Parts Train — your excellent and friendly online car parts provider.