The exhaust system is a very important car component because this serves as the outlet of the waste gases from the engine. In other words it is responsible for facilitating the exhaust emission. But aside from taking care of used gases, the exhaust system also reduces the sound generated by the engine during the whole combustion cycle. All these functions are made possible through the various parts working together for these goals.

The exhaust is actually a system that is composed of several parts and one of the parts installed along the exhaust pipe is the muffler. It is the muffler's job to reduce the noise coming from the engine so that it will not seem like a grating sound that's so irksome to the ears. Cars passing on the streets that produce loud and raucous noise probably don't have muffler installed on them or maybe the one they have is already on the verge of a breakdown. If your car shows this symptom including unusual vibration and poor engine performance your muffler may really be the problem.

Car performance should be a primary concern and a malfunctioning muffler will not be for the overall good. Having the muffler replaced will be the best thing in a situation such as this. You have to understand how mufflers work so that you'll be able to choose the kind that will do its best for your car.

There are two common types of mufflers used in cars these days and these are the absorber muffler and the reflector muffler. These two types work in different ways and therefore give different results. The absorber muffler works by of course absorbing the sound, but how this is achieved is sort of a complicated matter. The muffler tube itself is composed of several layers: perforation, absorbing material made of steel wool or fiberglass and the supplementary coat made of a bend metal sheet. The sound is noticeably lessened when it passes through these three layers. The reflector muffler functions in a much more complicated way because it makes use of the sound waves that goes in it. If two opposing sound waves get inside the resonating chamber they cancel each other resulting in lesser noise.

Off-road vehicles and SUVs like the Land Rover are more prone to have damaged muffler before long because of the stress placed on it. Other factors like dirt and moisture can lead to corrosion that destroys the muffler. When the time comes that you have to replace your muffler, you can come to Parts Train, your most reliable online car parts provider.