The key to keeping the efficient service of your Kia Rio ride for a long time is proper check up and maintenance. With maintenance, it does not include the major automotive components but the simple add-ons and accessories as well. Among the integral components of your Kia Rio that needs proper care and upkeep is the muffler. You can expect to enjoy its dependable service for a long time if you give proper attention to it. Witnessing the improved power and distinct performance of the Rio needs you to treat its muffler properly and efficiently.

Your Kia Rio muffler, also referred to as a backbox, is a part of the exhaust system. It is usually mounted near the rear of your car and designed to reduce the volume of the exhaust. It is the key to achieving the best and most efficient performance of your car as it increases performance and reduces noise at the same time. The basic muffler is composed of a series of metal tubes that have multiple holes in it. The holes works in putting pressure against the exhaust flow and reduces the noise. A chamber is placed between the metal tubes to ensure the flow of the exhaust. In a high performance muffler, a single, large pipe with holes on its side is placed in the muffler. This function in reducing the noise a little but hardly puts pressure on the exhaust; thus allowing it to flow freely.

There are many other designs and technologies available in the muffler, some for different purposes. Choosing the right fitting muffler design for your vehicle application need is essential to ensure efficient exhaust system function. Proper check up and maintenance is, however, important to make sure that the part is fully functional at all times. If upon inspection the muffler doesn't look good; then have it replaced as soon as possible. Putting up with a damaged and defective muffler is poor economy that only compromises the efficiency of your vehicle. If you are not a competent mechanic, you better have the replacement done by your trusted technician.

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