Vehicles, like the human body, are composed of a variety of systems to be able to function. In order to get everything done perfectly, the human body uses its different systems. Obviously, if one of the human body's systems isn't working, nothing else will work either. And this is very true to vehicles. The electrical system, the steering suspension, the engine system and the exhaust system includes the automotive system. If the exhaust system, for instance, stops working, the entire auto systems will get affected.

So what would cause the entire exhaust system to malfunction? The answer is simple, the exhaust systems' bad components. One of the components of the exhaust system is the muffler. The job of the muffler is simple, to minimize tremendous amount of noise produced by the car's engine. A good number of vehicles only require a single muffler but today, cars use several mufflers, up to six mufflers on some vehicles. The muffler can be found underneath the car at the back and is composed of a backbox and a series of tailpipes.

Basically, mufflers come in three kinds: cancellation, diffusion, and absorption mufflers. The cancellation type has chambers inside that tunes and cancels various sound frequencies. The absorption muffler, on the other hand, features a straight-through design for improved performance. There are also absorption mufflers that use cancellation style chambers to dampen sound better. Diffusion mufflers use diffuser plates which split up the sound, consequently, it follows different paths.

Mufflers are among those car contraptions that easily get damaged. They have a tendency to rust out, due to condensation and road salt. Now, if you are experiencing a noisier exhaust, clunking or rattling, you may need to replace your Kia muffler. Anyway, there are other good factors why you need a new Kia muffler, aside from changing it because it's worn out. You can replace your factory-equipped Kia muffler with a high-performance one so you can boost up your car's performance, its gas mileage and the way it sounds.

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