The Jeep Liberty was originally built to replace one of the original compact SUVs in the automotive market, the Cherokee. It features a high roof line, large body and aggressive wheel arches. Its vertical grille and round headlamps gives it its distinct look. It is designed for off road adventure with its tough and heavy duty construction. It is available in either two wheel or four wheel drive with anti lock brakes and stability control as standard safety features. Outfitted with exceptional components, the versatile Jeep Liberty can travel through any driving condition safely and smoothly.

Among the highly efficient components equipped in the Jeep Liberty is the muffler. Mounted in the exhaust system, Jeep Liberty mufflers function in reducing engine noise. As the opening and closing of the engine valves usually cause engine noise, the task of the muffler is to collect the pressure and bounce them within the cylinders. This causes the waves with similar amplitudes to cancel each other out allowing the sound waves to leave the muffler quietly and pollution free. Some luxury vehicles have resonators in their engine aside from mufflers. The resonator is installed at the end of the exhaust system to cancel the noise that has escaped the muffler thereby resulting to a much quieter and high performing engine.

Many motorists though make the mistake of neglecting their muffler. Because they are mounted underneath the vehicle, they often forget to check it. Over time, dirt, dust and road contaminants will damage your Jeep Liberty muffler. Neglecting the part may cause it to suddenly fail and fall off your car. It is recommended that you peek under your car from time to time to determine the true condition of your muffler. If worse comes to worst, immediately secure replacement. Putting off replacement can significantly affect the condition and performance of your exhaust system. As a defective muffler will deplete the power of your engine of secure replacement as early as you can.

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