The Jeep Cj3 muffler is a very important subcomponent of your vehicle's exhaust unit; its main purpose is to minimize the noise created each time gases are forced out of the pipes. Driving a car without a muffler is like driving around a tractor; you'll also enjoy too much attention because of the noise your car is making. In some US states, it's quite possible to receive a ticket if you are caught driving without a working muffler.

To prevent getting in trouble with the law and other drivers, be sure that your auto's muffler is in excellent condition. Be on the lookout for holes and other kinds of external damage. Not-so-obvious symptoms include a a billow-like smoke from the pipe, and a vehicle engine that overheats frequently. For a surefire means of finding out what the trouble is, examine the muffler, or have that vehicle checked by a technician.

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