The muffler in your Jaguar performs duties that are essential to the safe performance of your vehicle.  Your Jaguar muffler keeps noise levels from exceeding the legal limit.  If your muffler is running too loudly, you may find yourself paying a hefty fine for noise pollution.  The muffler is also responsible for sending emissions fumes through the tail pipe.  A failing muffler may be unable to perform this task effectively and exhaust fumes have the potential to enter the cabin of your vehicle.  This is a huge safety hazard, especially if you're passengers include infants; the elderly; or anyone with a lung or heart condition.  Once diagnosed with a failing muffler, quick replacement is imperative.  If it's time for you to install a new muffler, you've come to the right place.  We've got an enormous muffler selection that ranges from OEM mufflers to high end performance mufflers.  No matter what type of Jaguar you drive, we've got a muffler that fits it.