Manufactured to lessen exhaust noise, the Infiniti M30 muffler is composed of numerous perforated tubes that bounce off and muffle sound waves. Your auto will still work without a muffler, but with all the unbearable racket it actually produces, it's best to just turn off the car engine. Because a vehicle with a busted muffler further contributes to noise pollution, laws were formulated about the proper use of this part.

In order to prevent getting in trouble with the law and nearby drivers, be sure that your car's muffler is in good working condition. Signs that you need to buy a brand-new muffler are if your auto is too noisy, or if there's a huge dent on the muffler. Not-so-obvious symptoms include a billowing smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, and a car engine that overheats frequently. Remember that a broken muffler must be replaced immediately.

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