Noise is annoying, isn't it? Nothing is more enjoyable in driving your GMC over a long distance than listening to your favorite music. But probably you will not have the pleasure of having a joy ride if your car has a gobbling sound coming out from under the hood. This annoying sound can be due to a defective muffler.

Muffler makes a big difference on the noise level of your GMC. Basically, a muffler is a tubular acoustic device inserted in the exhaust system that is designed to reduce noise emitted by the exhaust system. A muffler is composed of a series of baffles which act as the sound absorber. The muffler accomplishes the absorption with a resonating chamber designed in such a way that opposite sound waves will collide thus, canceling each other out.

The muffler's over all design is classified into three types: for cancellation, for absorption and for diffusion. A muffler designed for cancellation is composed of chambers which tune and cancel various sound frequencies. An absorption muffler uses various kinds of materials such as fiberglass, stainless steel mesh and ceramic products to absorb sound. A diffusion muffler makes use of diffuser plates to split the sound. The sound from a diffusion muffler can be tuned by adding or subtracting diffuser plates.

Getting the right sound also depends on the muffler's design. The size of the inlet pipe going into the muffler has an effect on sound. The smaller the inlet tube diameter, a "quieter" sound will be emitted. High-performance mufflers can also enhance the scavenging effects of the exhaust system resulting in an increase horsepower, torque and fuel economy. Mufflers are available with single inlet or with dual inlet. Typically, a vehicle with single exhaust uses one muffler while a vehicle with dual exhaust has two.

Mufflers are usually mounted under the rear of a car which makes it vulnerable to corrosion. Although sound canceling techniques in the mufflers are available like using fiberglass or steel wool, it is not a guarantee that you will be spared off from that nasty sound. If you begin to hear noisier exhaust, rattling or clunking sound, consider replacing your GMC muffler. Maintain the high performance of your GMC by providing it with a brand new GMC muffler. Parts Train offers durable GMC muffler that will make your GMC more enjoyable to drive. Parts Train has an easy and fast ordering system that in no time your brand new GMC muffler is right in front of your doorsteps.