Built to lessen exhaust noise, the Geo Prizm muffler is actually composed of a series of perforated tubes that bounce off and muffle soundwaves. Your automobile will still run even without a muffler, but with the noise it actually produces, you might as well just switch off the car engine. Since a vehicle with a busted muffler contributes to noise pollution, laws have been passed with regard to the use of this accessory.

So as to avoid getting in trouble with the police and nearby drivers, be sure that your ride's muffler is in top condition. Indications that you really need to purchase a new muffler are if you start to notice your auto is too loud, or if there's a big crack or dent on the exhaust's muffler. Tricky indicators actually include a a billow-like smoke pumped out from the tube, and a vehicle engine that frequently overheats. For a definite means of finding out what the trouble is, examine this component, or have the automobile inspected by a mechanic.

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