Mufflers, including your Geo muffler are among the wearable and the most-replaced contraptions on a car. Over time, they rust out and require to be changed right away. At times, the corrosion starts on the interior due to exhaust gases and condensation while sometimes, the rust initiates on the muffler's exterior. So if you're driving your Geo for a while, expect that your Geo muffler is rusted out and might be a subject for replacement.

But there are other factors why you may need to change your Geo muffler, even if it's rust free. What are they? First, find out how your Geo muffler serves its purpose. The muffler is one of the many components of your car's exhaust system that comes with the purpose of reducing emissions and lessening the tremendous amount of sound which your car engine creates. It can be found beneath your car, at the rear in particular.

The muffler comes with one or more tailpipes and a backbox. This backbox is in charge of receiving the pressure waves then bounce these waves roughly within the chambers and cylinders. And when your car is hazed, the inspector will slot in a probe in the interior of the tailpipe in order to read smog emissions coming from the engine. Now, because this component is mounted underneath the vehicle, it is often taken for granted. Rust accumulates and causes the muffler to rot and even fall off the car.

So it is a very good idea to inspect your Geo muffler every now and then to make sure it is in its good working condition and it is firmly clamped on your vehicle. If it's corroded, it's time to have it changed. A muffler in poor condition will just compromise your car's driving performance, so replace it before it's too late. And as mentioned above, even though your Geo muffler is in good shape, you might still consider changing it. If you long for enhanced performance, better gas mileage and of course less annoying sound, you can make use of or could substitute your factory-equipped Geo muffler with a high-performance muffler.

High-performance mufflers are composed of a straight steel pipe with gaps, allowing sound canceling while producing little backpressure all at once. There are also stylish mufflers which can provide your Geo a striking appeal. These mufflers come with exhaust tips, these tips are offered in a wide variety of shapes and finishes so you can choose what suits your taste. For a replacement muffler, for a high-performance muffler or for a debonair muffler, visit Parts Train.