The highly noticeable noise any time you fire up the engine or when your vehicle is cruising usually means that you're dealing with a faulty Ford Escape muffler, possibly due to corrosion or contact with the harsh particles. You'd better check the muffler of your Ford Escape see if there are fried spots, holes, or any symptom of failure. Make sure that all exhaust components are in tip-top form to guarantee a steady exhaust flow and to steer combustion gases far from the cabin.

Besides muffling noise from the automobile, the muffler of your Ford Escape purges the gases, so combustion by-products will be less hazardous. A damaged Ford Escape muffler will lead to poor fuel efficiency. So you can get enhanced performance from your car and enjoy gas mileage and lower emissions, do not defer repairing the muffler of your Ford Escape.

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