The Ford Contour muffler is an important component of your vehicle's exhaust system; its basic purpose is to reduce the sounds produced when toxic gases are forced out of the exhaust tubes. Driving a car without using a muffler is like actually driving a tractor; you'll likely enjoy too much attention because of the racket your vehicle is producing. In some states, it's actually possible to receive a ticket if you're caught driving your car without a working auto muffler.

In order to avoid getting in trouble with the cops and nearby drivers, make sure that your ride's muffler is in top working condition. Be on the lookout for holes and other kinds of damage. Tricky indicators are billowing smoke pumped out from the tube, and a vehicle engine that regularly overheats. For a surefire means of finding out what the issue is, closely examine this part, or have your automobile inspected by a mechanic.

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