The kind of sound produced by a car has a big impact on its overall performance. Nowadays there's rarely a car that makes such a loud and raucous noise on the street. Most of today's cars produce a soft purring sound when the engine is on and even when its abilities are pushed to its limits. This is made possible because of the mufflers installed in the exhaust system. In a vehicle, the muffler is responsible for lessening the noise produced in the internal combustion engine.

This noise-reducing component is positioned along the exhaust pipe. Looking under the rear of a car you will see a tube-like part installed. At a first look the muffler may look like an uncomplicated piece of metal, but if you take a look inside it, you will witness a set of complex set of tubes. Inside the muffler is the inlet, resonator chamber and the outlet. These tubes have different roles to play in canceling out the noise from the internal combustion engine. The sound that passes through the muffler is not reduced through absorption but by means of destructive interference which takes place specifically in the resonating chamber. When two opposing sounds collide in the chamber they partially cancel themselves out thus less is produced on the outside. But in the process of noise reduction, the engine is forced to work doubly hard just to make the gas go out of the exhaust system completely. By simply listening to the sound, it is very easy to detect if your muffler is working just fine or not.

Mufflers come in different designs and styles. Manufacturers always have new schemes for better noise cancellation. There is the single chamber type of car muffler that can do an efficient job of reducing sound from the engine. If you want efficiency as well as style, you can make use of the two-chamber muffler. The recent deigns have been incorporated with various features just to make it work better than before.

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