Such a loud sound any time you crank up the motor or whilst your auto is speeding up indicates that you're driving with a failing Dodge Omni muffler, most likely caused by oxidation and contamination because of the harsh elements. You will likely discover holes or corroded spots somewhere in the muffler of your Dodge Omni that is busted. To steer poisonous exhaust gases off the cabin and make sure that your auto will enjoy better gas flow, exhaust system components ought to be in great shape.

Besides regulating exhaust tone from the vehicle, the muffler of your Dodge Omni purges the gases to make sure emissions can be less hazardous. A busted Dodge Omni muffler would lead to poor fuel economy. So you will enjoy enhanced efficiency from your motor vehicle and ensure gas mileage and safer emissions, do not put off replacing the muffler of your Dodge Omni.

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