Such a highly noticeable sound whenever you crank up the motor or while your vehicle is racing tells you that you have a faulty Dodge D150 muffler, most likely caused by corrosion or even contact with the harsh elements. Make sure you inspect the muffler of your Dodge D150 to look for burned spots, chips, or any kind of deterioration. See to it that all parts of the exhaust are in excellent shape to enjoy a steady gas flow and to keep toxic gases off the interior.

Aside from regulating noise off the vehicle, the muffler of your Dodge D150 cleans up the gases to make sure exhaust gases would be less harmful. A damaged Dodge D150 muffler will impact fuel economy. So you can benefit from enhanced efficiency from your automobile, you would have to swap the stock muffler of your Dodge D150 with an OE replacement to restore busted attachments in the car exhaust.

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