Manufactured to reduce exhaust noise, the Dodge Colt muffler is made up of a series of tubes that bounce off and dampen soundwaves. Your automobile will still work with a busted muffler, but due to the noise it produces, it's better to just turn off the engine. Now since a vehicle with a busted muffler further contributes to noise pollution, laws were made regarding the use of this component.

Keeping your car's muffler properly working needs maintenance. Indications that you have to get a replacement muffler are if your ride is too loud, or if there's a huge crack on the exhaust's muffler. If engine overheating becomes a frequent problem, it's better to look at the car muffler. For a surefire method of finding out what the issue is, visually examine this component, or have that car inspected by a mechanic.

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