Dodge Challenger Muffler

The Dodge Challenger muffler is an important subcomponent of your car's exhaust system; its main purpose is to reduce the sounds created when gases are pumped out of the pipes. Driving an automobile with no muffler is like actually driving a tractor; you'll also get unwanted attention because of the annoying sound your ride is producing. Now since a vehicle with a malfunctioning muffler adds to noise pollution, laws were made about the proper use of this accessory.

To avoid getting in trouble with the law and other drivers, be sure that your ride's muffler is in top working condition. Obvious signs that you need to purchase a new muffler are when your ride is excessively noisy, or if there's a large crack on the muffler. Not-so-obvious signs actually include a excessive amount of smoke coming from the tube, and a car engine that overheats frequently. For a definite means of figuring out what the problem is, closely examine the muffler, or have your vehicle looked at by an auto repair guy.

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