Dodge automobiles have been regarded as among the most sought after vehicles in the industry. Dodge is popular for their large and powerful trucks including muscular and similarly powerful sedans and other small cars. Like other automobiles, Dodge automobiles are also comprised of several interrelated systems that enables the engine to operate and the consequently, the vehicle to run. Some of these systems include the engine system, fuel system, electrical system, ignition system, cooling system, braking system, body and exterior, transmission and drivetrain, and exhaust system, including many others.

Of these systems, the exhaust system is the one responsible for moving the engine's waste products or exhaust gases from the engine to the tailpipe. It is comprised of tubing and other components such as air pump, catalytic converter, EGR valve, exhaust manifold gasket, exhaust manifold, exhaust port, PCV valve, resonator, tailpipe and muffler. Almost all modern vehicles' exhaust system uses one or two exhaust manifold, or at least one catalytic converter and one or two mufflers.

A muffler like the Dodge muffler is a device installed along the vehicle's exhaust pipe that uses baffling or another internal design to lessen the noise produced by an internal combustion engine. Such baffles are used to absorb sound, although most of the noise reduction is caused by the destructive interference in the muffler itself instead of the absorption process. This destructive interference process happens with a resonating chamber that specifically designed to allow the opposite sound waves to collide with and cancel out each other.

Moreover, mufflers are conventionally suspended under the rear end of an automobile, but most diesel-powered vehicles such as semi-trucks are equipped with large mufflers that are positioned vertically behind the cab. However, some poorly-designed mufflers, such as the stock ones, cause the engine to operate under hard condition as the engine needs to push the exhaust gas through these mufflers just to absorb the energy that ought to be emitted as sound or noise into the environment.

For this reason, stock mufflers are advised to be replaced with premium-quality mufflers that are designed to require lesser energy in forcing the gas through it. In short, find mufflers that are capable of lowering the backpressure. Although the muffler's ability of noise suppression is somehow affected, it can increase the vehicle's power on other hand. Here at Parts Train, you can find wide array of high-quality mufflers including Dodge mufflers for your replacement needs. You can browse our catalogue for information and specifications. Check it out now!