The muffler plays an important role in your vehicles performance.  Mufflers help the vehicle to run quieter and keep emissions from entering the cabin.  One of the very first signals that your muffler is failing is that it's running louder than usual.  People living in loud, urban areas may have a difficult time assessing the condition of their mufflers this way.  Another problem that can arise with a faulty muffler is exhaust fumes.  The exhaust fumes or emissions, instead of exiting fully through the tail pipe, can begin to leak into the cabin.  This is a particularly dangerous occurrence if you have heart or lung problems and especially if you have small children.  Because of the dangers exhaust fumes promote, it's extremely important to install a muffler as soon as you believe there is a problem.  Find your next Daewoo muffler by searching our massive online catalog.  We offer wholesale prices on our entire muffler selection.