Noise is very unpleasant to the ears and is really very irritating. Nothing can be worse than hearing lots of noise when you have a headache or are having a really bad day. But noise is everywhere, more prevalent in public places. One of the factors that contribute to this noise pollution is cars. When you get on the streets you will not fail to hear the squealing noise that comes from the exhaust. However, there are also some vehicles that generate a refined sound instead of the harsh noise. This is made possible because of the muffler installed in their system.

The muffler is one of the elements in the car's exhaust system. This is typically found alongside the exhaust pipe. The basic job of the muffler is to trim down the sound produced inside the engine. Without a muffler there is a danger of you becoming deaf because the gas from the combustion in the pistons produces an extremely loud noise.

There are two general types of muffler that are used in cars today. One is the absorber muffler and the other one is the reflector muffler. These two kinds of muffler work in totally different ways. The absorber muffler is tube but is not just an ordinary tube because it is consist of several layers that make it capable of reducing the sound that pass through it. Inside the muffler are perforations followed by the second layer which consist of absorbing materials like fiberglass or steel wool. The outer layer is another protective layer of supplementary coat of bend metal sheet. The sound has to go through these three layers so by the time it gets out of the exhaust it has been reduced already. However, the dampening of sound by means of absorption is not that effective as compared to some other techniques like the one used in the reflector muffler. The reflector muffler has a resonating chamber where two opposite sound waves collide then cancel each other out. This type of muffler is used in most vehicles because it can dull the noise much better than the absorber.

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