Manufactured to reduce exhaust noise, the Chevrolet R2500 muffler is composed of numerous pipes that bounce off and cancel out sound waves. Your auto will still run even without a muffler, but with all the annoying sound it actually produces, you might as well switch off the car engine. In several states, it's quite possible to be handed a traffic ticket if you are caught driving your car without a working auto muffler.

Keeping your car's muffler properly functioning requires regular check-ups. Obvious signs that you need to purchase a replacement muffler are if your ride is too noisy, or if there's a large dent on the exhaust's muffler. Subtle symptoms are a billow-like smoke from the exhaust pipe, and a car engine that regularly overheats. For a sure means of determining what the issue is, visually examine the muffler, or have the car inspected by an auto repair guy.

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