Built to reduce noise, the Chevrolet G10 muffler is made up of several perforated tubes that bounce off and muffle sound waves. Driving a car with no muffler is like driving around a tractor; you'll likely get too much attention because of the noise your car is producing. Since a vehicle with a malfunctioning muffler adds to noise pollution, rules have been passed regarding the proper usage of this component.

So as to avoid getting in trouble with the cops and nearby drivers, be sure that your auto's muffler is in good working condition. Obvious signs that you really need to buy a brand-new muffler are if your ride is too loud, or if there's a huge dent on the muffler. Tricky symptoms actually include a billowing smoke from the pipe, and a car engine that overheats frequently. For a definite way of figuring out what the problem is, closely examine this component, or have that car looked at by an auto repair guy.

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