The Chevrolet Caprice muffler is a vital part of your ride's exhaust system; its purpose is to minimize the noise you hear every time gases are pushed out of the exhaust pipes. Driving a vehicle without a muffler is like driving a tractor; you'll most likely get too much attention because of the annoying sound your vehicle is making. Since a vehicle with a broken muffler adds to noise pollution, rules were made about the proper usage of this part.

So as to prevent getting in trouble with the law and other drivers, always make sure that your car's muffler is in excellent condition. Indications that you need to get a replacement muffler are if you start to notice your car is excessively noisy, or if there's a big dent on the muffler. Tricky signs actually include a unusual amount of smoke pumped out from the tube, and a car engine that overheats frequently. Keep in mind that a severely broken muffler should be replaced ASAP.

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