The exhaust system of your Chevrolet Camaro is one of the most fundamental systems that are outfitted in your model and in any other vehicle model. The major purpose of the said system is to transmit the burnt gases that are produced by the internal combustion engine, down to the exhaust pipe. If in case these burnt gases do not escape from the engine right away all the way through the exhaust system, there is a big possibility for the engine to choke up which will eventually lead to breakdown. But more than the said function, the exhaust system has one more significant function and that is to lessen the noise created by the engine.

In order to achieve such, the system allows the burnt gases which escaped unswervingly from the engine, to pass through the metal plate and tube which is better known as the muffler. Now, the Chevrolet Camaro muffler is an apparatus utilized in the reduction of tremendous quantity of noise that the engine creates. Most of the time, this part is situated along the exhaust pipe of the engine or beneath the vehicle at the rear. Although in freighter trucks, a perpendicularly mounted muffler is used at the rear of the cab. It is made up of a backbox, which is designed chiefly to obtain the pressure waves and bounce them in return within the cylinders and chamber known as resonator. The very instance when these pressure waves run into one another, the waves of equal but opposite amplitude will terminate each other.

Consequently, the destructive interference in the muffler is the one that will lead to noise reduction. However since the location of this part is on the undercarriage there is a big possibility for it to be neglected by the owner. Bear in mind that a muffler in poor condition can make the vehicle fail in the smog tests. With this, you will realize the importance of regularly checking as well as maintaining this part. It is very much advisable to take some time inspecting this part from time to time to make sure that it is in good condition. When you fail to do this, it will develop rust which is very bad for the vehicle.

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